Here lies all the books and documents of Irantrium. All is stored in the Great Floating Library. All is kept well...

The Library

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Irantrium: Part 1

Irantiul: the revoked lord of death, killer of all, hated by all and loathed by many. A once prideful, gluttonous beast; but now, he's lost everything.


His empire crumbled beneath his weary feet, his family withered in the winds of battle, his people enslaved by humanity. A hundred years after his downfall, he now resides at the ends of the earth, unable to die, but wishing he could. This story begins not at his arc into good, but instead, his descent into utter madness as the world around him refuses to bend to his controlling will. In this story, he is bound to three humans. Unlike most stories, the humans do not seek redemption for Irantiul: they get wrenched into his insanity as the winding road of want and revenge slowly takes hold.





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