The Beginning Of Irantrium



In the beginning, there was a void.

In this void, there were two brothers: Intiul and Yvetar.

They walked on and on, endlessly finding little except nothing. Each sight was the same, each point was lost forever, every moment had no place, and each conversation they spoke cried to be remembered. Words would whisper without being heard and ideas were swallowed whole. Broken by the heartless void that never wept back, they instead dreamt of a singular, perfect place. A place where the darkness wasn't so scary. A place where dreams could flourish. A place where shapes, colours, the building blocks of all things were present.

Above all, they dreamt of a place that they could call home.

Sometimes, when the endless night got that little more frightful, Intiul would tell his brother great stories of worlds before the void, where things grew, moments had meaning and light glowed brightly. Yvetar was always struck deeply by his brother's warm words. And so, he made stories of his own too. Yvetars stories were always more about exploration and other "people". Intiul chuckled each time, oblivious to the idea that more than the two of them could possibly even exist.

Together, their stories kept them sane. Each word fought back against the encroaching night. 

That was, until, the stars and the leviathan came out to play...



They cut mountains from the skin, struck wounds into its screaming body, cut the continent Filkelo from its side, pierced the eyes from their sockets, throwing them round to create the sun and the moon. The blood poured into rivers and oceans. The soul cried and the breath created the air in the skies. As it settled, it sank and flattened against a new world, constructed by its sheer and stupendous death.

As the last piece of life escaped from its innocent body, they snatched it. The leviathans soul tried to escape, but no matter how hard it tried to scream away, the two brothers were adamant of its true fate. They reeled the essence in, harnessing the powers of the beast, to do whatever they pleased with it. Its name was Irantrium, but they cared ever so little. First, they used Irantriums soul to make themselves significantly smaller: they wished to live upon the beast...

Second, they began to shape Irantrium, solidifying the ground and marking the mountains to their exact specifications. They wished to create the world they had dreamt of...

And lastly, they made five unknowing children: Ikal, Irantiul, Asgoroth, Delhroid and Iluntek...

They stood beneath their two parents - only children - and looked for that which a child would desire. No love or affection was given to them. No care or second thought cared for them. No moment was they celebrated for their exceptional growth and development. 

They were unloved: just tools to build a home.

Tortured for days until they submitted, they'd stick together, forcefully chained to nurture the new world. They'd only have one another, finding themselves within a world that didn't talk back. The irony. Yvetar and Intiul dreamed of a greater world, and their children quickly wished for another soon after.

Then, when Yvetar created the first single piece of life, the five watched from afar, told to care for life until it could finally grow and spread. Once it could and did spread, the five brothers were given no credit in the achievement, but were shunned instead for not doing it fast enough.

Time passed on and the brothers grew older and more capable of creation. Things stabilised and the world was slowly becoming exactly what Yvetar and Intiul had dreamed of all that time. But then, on one fateful day, Yvetar created the first sentient race of men: the Spiritmen.

The moment intiul found out, he was outraged by the ordeal, questioning why these people needed to be created in the first place. They served no purpose and Intiul wished for the world to be theirs only. However, in the time that Yvetar had seen life itself flourish, he desired extra, living company. Intiul argued that the world was never built for anyone but them, and Yvetar argued that the world was too desolate and still too much like the void. After all, Yvetars stories always used to consist of more than just the two of them.

Unable to move on, he tried three times to destroy the Spiritmen, with no luck. In retaliation, Yvetar fought back. They bickered for days, slowly souring their relationship into pulp. As the Spiritmen formed tribes and their culture and language developed, Yvetar taught them of the false origins of the world. He preached that he was the one true God; that Intiul was the harbinger of death and destruction: the devil.

He quickly roused the Spiritmen into a frenzy, sending them off to kill Intiul. Devoid of realness in the void, the concept of family fell short of weak. Yvetar, within days, had decided his brother needed to be dead. And so, he watched as the Spiritmen marched off into the distance, awaiting his brothers demise.

As the flurry of Spiritmen crashed down on Intiul, he fled, snatching his five children as he ran off into the night. When he regathered his thoughts, he commanded his sons to kill all Spiritmen, but to no success, as they quickly refused his brutal request.

Intiul stood up, said nothing, grabbed Ikal the first-born, locked the other four away, and took him to the lone island at the centre of the world. For five years he took his five children to this mysterious island, and after five years, all five returned broken, ruthless and ready to serve...

And here, it all begins. The first war. The first stepping stone into insanity. The final moments this world saw true happiness...

The beginning of the world of Irantrium.





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