How Irantrium Developed

How did Irantrium develop?

Well, when a world or planet in space begins to form, it never just snaps to the point where everything is how it should be: it gets moulded, warped, smashed to pieces, melted, and then, it usually settles.

With Irantrium, the process was very similar.

I started making the world back in 2016, and trust me when i say this: it sucked so bad.

The story I had written was awful. Consisting of a generic plot, a world that was barely afloat and thought through, and characters that were honestly less interesting than wet cardboard. I would have rather read a story about wet cardboard than slowly dried out over twenty chapters, than the abomination my fourteen year-old self had come up with.

It Didn't Start Great

Luckily, at the time, I thought it was great and the best thing anybody had ever laid their eyes upon, which ended up being an asset to me, as i never gave up trying to make it better. From one strength to another, i taught myself how to write, even when i gave my story to my English teacher at the time, who responded later with a very unenthusiastic: "the map looks cool, but..."

In fact, on the topic of the map, this is what it looked like at the time. I mean, don't judge, but I did find the world a little claustrophobic, hence changing it entirely. (It was only the head)

At Least It Got Better

If you're familiar with the existing map (that i'll also add below) then you'll see that half of the map on the right, is pretty similar to what the right portion of the map of Reorden is already at the finished map. But, you can see the ideas beginning to form, with the beta versions of all the locations of the world coming to life. Sancal changed to Santal. Jarwent became a long lost, unloved memory. The uncharted seas became the far west. And the Leviathan the world is set upon, was just a head!

Let's move on, shall we? The world develops onwards from here.

After this, I'd say, in 2017, my writing improved significantly, and the story i had became actually readable. But i soon hit a point where all i was doing was world-building. I was absorbed by it, and soon, the story was just untouched, especially that i had hit severe writers block within the story. The lack of enthusiasm for the story turned out to be due to the plot itself.

The Decline

Because I wrote it the year before I improved, it was rather awful, like the actual writing had been. Sadly for fifteen year-old me, I refused to accept that the plot and characters were a lost cause, and continued to focus on the world-building to distract myself from the blob abomination brewing in the main story. So, here's what the map looked like now, as i expanded it.

Outdated And Ruined Map

Obviously, this was the old story, and none of this actually happens anymore (SO NO SPOILER, DON'T YOU WORRY), but due to my idiocy, I accidentally saved over the original file of the developing map...

And there you have a disaster. On top of my lack of interest for the story at the time, now being 30k words deep, by the end of 2017 I had just lost general interest entirely. Throughout 2018 I barely touched any of the world, only dabbling in small drawings and revisions of the story to see whether i could save it or not.

Here I finally finished the map, though. Finalising the origins, world, and history of Irantrium by the end of the year. I fixed up the map, and began finally making the map reflect the history of the world, exactly how I had wanted it to be like.

Coming Together

There, I finished it entirely, which you can probably see everywhere on this website.

Enthusiasm Returned

This really got me into the story again, and by this time, I had written for a lot of different things, and had improved tremendously in my writing skills.

The year becomes 2019.

Upon analysing my story, I knew I loved the basis of it, but I soon realised, I loved the villains of the world so much more than the characters. Of the main characters Yent, Evaline, Slank, and Telfan, only Telfan and Yent survived, having Telfans character totally overhauled and changed to the point where only the name remained.

Yent was the only character to persist as himself, being the only protagonist I was proud of. And for the villains, as mentioned, the five brothers, Irantiul, Ikal, Iluntek, Delhroid, and Asgoroth, I absolutely loved them. Irantiul was my first ever character.

He's been the only character who has remained the exact same since 2016. Even in 2015 when my world was literally just three pictures on some A4 pieces of paper, he was there.

And there was still, Irantiul

There's a story written in one of my old notebooks, consisting of just twenty pages, written in 2015, with Irantiul as the main villain.

So, in 2019, I scrapped the story that didn't reflect me. I scrapped the story that had little passion within it. I scrapped the story begging me to scrap it. And began writing the story I had wanted to write this whole time: Irantrium.

Of course, it was called Irantrium before, but now, it took on a new meaning. It felt so close to my heart, with everything i made, reflecting all sorts of aspects of my personality and self. It was great. Although I had always done drawings for the world of Irantrium throughout these four or so years, I began churning out proper pieces, with proper detail, not just sketches. Before I knew it, i had made a Instagram page, and there it exploded. I made drawing after drawing, wrote my book endlessly until i slept - some nights going deep until the sun rose again and I finally slept.

Here we are

And this has continued since. With the advent of my new job as a digital marketer, I learnt the value of being online with my stuff, and therefore I learnt how to make a website for myself, from my job. And here you are now, on it, reading this blog, waiting for my book to release.

I honestly cannot wait for it to come out.

In Anticipation

I am so excited for you all to read it. I sincerely hope you all like it as it really comes from a deep place in my heart, and i would shed a tear knowing that people value the characters, world, and everything i have lovingly moulded over the years.

I'll leave this at that. Thank you for reading, and if you'd like to know more, please just reach over too me at the forum area. I would be more than happy to respond to any burning questions you may have. Thank you.

From Tom.

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