About Irantrium

Irantrium is an ambitious project to combine multiple mediums into producing an immersive world filled with life and reality. Spanning five years, the stories I've written are still currently behind closed doors; being so young, I hadn't trusted myself with my own writing ability yet, being only fourteen when I began. Rewrite after rewrite, this secretive story has been ripped, pulled, beaten to pulp, but now it is finally coming together, and I can say confidently that this mess of my own mind is slowly being tamed into a piece that speaks not only about our own reality, but expresses my own inner and deeper thoughts too. Epic fantasy is a hard task - the genre filled bound by cliches and oversaturation - but I have spent many late hours, thousands of endless days, to mould this story anew.


The Creator

My name is Thomas - I personally prefer Tom - and I'm the creator of Irantrium: the art, music, and the stories to come. I grew up and still live in the South-east of England, and have pretty much grown up preferring my own imagination to anything else that has actual physical form. It's always been vivid - my imagination - as if I could almost just touch it, and this has only got stronger as I got older. I'll find myself walking down the road, headphones on, making strange, stupid faces, jolted movements, and very odd strutting patterns in my step. Why? I'm in my own little world, that's why. Still 19, I have a long way to go in my creative journey and so I won't profess myself as anything other than what I am: a teen, near adult, with too much time on their hands.