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Irantrium is a fantasy world constructed, drawn, written, produced by me - Thomas Stone. It spans from my most favourite influences, like LOTR, The Dark Crystal, Avatar (The Last Airbender), Star Wars, and much more. Together, they have moulded my imagination in ways I can't even consider or think of. Although this is true, all of my ideas, concepts, and stories come from a genuine place in my heart where I've tried creating something as original and cool as possible. Of course, it is inevitable that there will be similarities from my own work to that I have grown up with, but I have really tried to split those two parts of my imagination apart for the sake of my own world. Yet,  Irantrium is a passion project in which I put myself, my personality, and experiences into.

(My mums artwork influence me too: check it out at Sharonstoneart.co.uk)

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Myself mirrored in Irantrium

I don't know if this makes sense, but when my book is released you'll see that many of the characters in it portray a certain aspect of my personality (especially Yent). Some of my characters hold power and material things that I wish I had and could do. They act in ways I, in real life, would be too nervous to act like. It is stereotypically my escape from a life that I have found rather bland at current stance. In Irantrium, I can escape to a world where I shape it. I can create and build whatever reality suits my dreams best.

In other words, its some real shit. I've tried writing this entire story without money in mind too. So, it's why my work takes so long. It has to come from a nice place in my heart, otherwise, I panic about being trapped in this weird life, although it's not too bad, and I rush the story in hopes that people I can escape. What I really want is for people to just appreciate the parts of me I'm putting into this book. I know I'll be happy if you enjoyed yourself reading this. I'll probably regret writing this particular page on the website, but I feel like you're entitled to know all truths. Don't we all want our passions to become reality? It's just the balance between passion and fear of a boring life. Thank you, tom.

About The Author

My name is Thomas Stone. I am 18 years old, from Southend-On-Sea England. The area is pretty awful, and many places in my story resemble the chaotic nature of my area. It's strange: the area itself isn't terrible, it is the mostly people, with a high notoriety for violence, knife crime, and things along those lines in general. Although this is true, I'm still thankful every day that I have a bed, a home, a house, and quite frankly, that's more than many could ever ask for. Anyway enough of that shit, I started writing fantasy (this story) four years ago when I was about 14. Obviously, as you might presume, an 18-year-old probably can write better than a 14-year-old. And so, as I taught myself to write, every year or so, I would get to the point where I'd look back and read, and then think: "Holy f*ck, this is the worst thing somebody could have ever written", and proceeded to open a new word document and starting totally fresh. This is, until last year, I got to the point with the writing skills that I was comfortable with the level of writing and storytelling I had got to, and the characters, writing, and plot, were all something I could feel remotely proud of (finally!). So, here we are. Me being an 18-year-old ready to show some peeps a story I've been working on for wayyy too long. :)





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