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Irantrium: Best Dark Fantasy Book Series

Okay: definitely not the best dark fantasy book series around, but it sure holds up as memorable.

Irantrium is a story based on the back of a giant, slain leviathan. Years beyond this magnificent event, an entire world breaths, functions, and thrives atop the rotting beast. Our first story is based around the character of Irantiul: a revoked lord of death, who once, with his four brothers, commanded the world to his hymn. Ignorant and blinded by total control, he and his brothers soon found their dominance crumbling beneath their golden thrones. He neglected his people, was betrayed by two of his brothers, watched on as humanity ripped his other two brothers to shreds; and now, without an empire or people, he sits alone at the edge of the world - wishing he could die.

Not sound like your cup of tea for a new fantasy book in 2020? Just bear with me.

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A New Fantasy Book In 2020

People quench for originality. Now, I'm not going to sit here and act like you're about to read a whole new wave of writing: because you're not. Many of my ideas and much of my world has been unconsciously inspired by everything I love. The only thing that should matter is that I have poured my absolute heart into this and if it doesn't show, then I sincerely apologise; because I love what I've made and not many people get to say that. I sincerely hope you do enjoy my stories, world, art, music, and more, but if you don't - then that's okay too. 

Any positivity is a bonus to me. I ask nothing from you, other than enjoying what I have to offer. With new fantasy books in 2020 sure to tickle you in the right ways, I hope that my new fantasy book - coming soon - maybe privileged enough to be one of those. 

Enough of this winging behaviour, if you'd like to plant your feet in the door, then go over and explore the world of Irantrium. Go on! Don't be scared!

A New Fantasy Book In 2020: The Author

My name is Thomas Stone. I am 18 years old, from Southend-On-Sea England. The area is pretty awful, and many places in my story resemble the chaotic nature of my area. It's strange: the area itself isn't terrible, it is the mostly people, with a high notoriety for violence, knife crime, and things along those lines in general. Although this is true, I'm still thankful every day that I have a bed, a home, a house, and quite frankly, that's more than many could ever ask for. Anyway enough of that shit, I started writing fantasy (this story) four years ago when I was about 14. Obviously, as you might presume, an 18-year-old probably can write better than a 14-year-old. And so, as I taught myself to write, every year or so, I would get to the point where I'd look back and read, and then think: "Holy f*ck, this is the worst thing somebody could have ever written", and proceeded to open a new word document and starting totally fresh. This is, until last year, I got to the point with the writing skills that I was comfortable with the level of writing and storytelling I had got to, and the characters, writing, and plot, were all something I could feel remotely proud of (finally!). So, here we are. Me being an 18-year-old ready to show some peeps a story I've been working on for wayyy too long. Hopefully, this fantasy book in 2020 will suffice your needs for this year! :)